STONE:  Demantoid Garnet
CUT:  Fancy Barion Barrel
WEIGHT:  .71 Cts.
DIMENSIONS:  5.50 x 4.57mm
ORIGIN:  Madagascar
COLOR: Bright Green
CLARITY:  Very Good (Slightly Included, Generally Clean Looking)
CUT BY:  Dan
PRICE (U.S. Dollars):  $213
ITEM #ga1689

COMMENTS:  A stunning demantoid garnet that looks like a nicely saturated Merelani mint garnet with the spectral color flashes of a diamond. The color of this Madagascar stone is much less yellowish than those from Russia or Namibia. It also has very good clarity (no horsetails) for a demantoid. Most are so polluted that they don't show the dispersion very well.


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