STONE:  Ametrine
WEIGHT: 21.82 Carats
CUT: Custom Emerald
DIMENSIONS:  19.55 x 15.19mm
ORIGIN:  Bolivia
COLOR: Rich Purple and Golden Orange
CLARITY:  Appears Flawless Under 10x Magnification
TREATMENT:  None Known
CUT BY:  Pamudith Asanka & Daniel Stair
PRICE (U.S. Dollars):  $545 ($25 per carat)
ITEM #am2328

COMMENTS: A large beautiful ametrine that was originally cut by award winning Pamudith Asanka, but had an inclusion in the bottom, so I recut the pavilion myself to improve the overall clarity.  I cut the bottom of this one in a bit of an experimental design that is a modified barion with 32 long facets and a cut off culet.


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