STONE: Color Change Sapphire
CUT:  Mixed Oval
TOTAL WEIGHT: 1.01 Carat
DIMENSIONS:  7.55 x 5.56mm
ORIGIN:  Umba, Tanzania
COLOR: Slightly Purplish, Greenish Blue to Pink
CLARITY:  Slightly Included
CUT BY: Daniel Stair
PRICE: $404 ($400 per carat)
ITEM #sa2242

COMMENTS:  This Umba sapphire is a slightly purplish blue-green color under greenish fluorescent lights, a mauve purple color in daylight and pink under incandescent light.  Overall, I'd say it has an 80-90% color change.  Also, it contains some if the sugar-like inclusions typical of this material, but is barely short of eye clean in moderate lighting and looks a lot better in person than in the photo.  Cameras have a hard time capturing these color change stones accurately.


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