STONE: Oregon Sunstone
CUT: Custom 32-sided Round
TOTAL WEIGHT: 6.63 Carat
DIMENSIONS: 13.49 mm
ORIGIN: Oregon, U.S.A.
COLOR: Dichroic Pinkish Orange and Blue-Green
CLARITY: Very Good (Slightly Schiller)
CUT BY: Daniel Stair
PRICE (U.S. Dollars): $828 ($125 per carat)
ITEM #su1964

COMMENTS: This sunstone has a strongly dichroic display of colors and a bit of a vortex patter when you move it around. I put lots of facets on this stone. There are 64 on the bottom and 73 on the crown. This was an on-the-fly experimental design and it turned out to be a lot different than most rounds!



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