STONE: Sunstone
CUT: Ice Cream Cone
TOTAL WEIGHT: 7.01 Carats
ORIGIN: Oregon, U.S.A.
COLOR: Peach to Golden Yellow Color Shift
CLARITY: SI - Moderate Schiller
CUT BY: Daniel Stair
PRICE (U.S. Dollars): $315 ($45 per carat)
ITEM #su2253

COMMENTS:  I've only done this cut a few times in the past and it is great for stones that have silk, schiller, etc. as it creates some interesting reflections and a bit of a cat's eye effect in direct lighting.  It basically has only three facets - the pavilion cone, the girdle and the domed crown.  There is a small inclusion visible out near one edge, but it may be possible to cover that up with a large prong when setting the stone.



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