STONE: Zircon
CUT: Custom Round Brilliant
TOTAL WEIGHT: 2.63 Carats
ORIGIN: Tanzania
COLOR: Lighter Medium Green
CLARITY: Slightly Included (Very Slightly Milky)
CUT BY: Daniel Stair
PRICE (U.S. Dollars): $263 ($100 per carat)
ITEM #zi2302

COMMENTS: A nice looking green zircon that shows a good amount of dispersion or spectral color flashes.  This looks a lot like a sphene.  I am not able to check the RI of zircon or sphene because they fall outside the range of my refractometer.  I did a specific gravity test and it showed being on the heavier side even for zircon, so probably not a sphene.  It also cut like a zircon.

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