Because of a new trend where people are inclined to order stones they can't really afford or just want to "look at", it seems we have no choice but to implement a new return policy for new customers only.   Please review the terms below and be sure of your purchase if you are new to our site.

  If you have purchased at least five stones from me in the past, and have not returned a high percentage of them, you are considered an established client and are entitled to our 10-day return policy featuring a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping via first class insured mail within the U.S.A.  (Shipping outside of the U.S.A. will be charged at cost or a bit less and is non-refundable)  Should you be unhappy with a stone for any reason, return it  undamaged after having it in your possession less than ten days, and you will receive a full refund or credit toward another stone.

  Because a large number of people have chosen to abuse our return policy and/or request the special cutting of stones they didn't really intend on paying for, new buyers who have purchased less than 5 stones from us and/or who have returned a large percentage of stones are now, at our discretion, subject to deduction of a 10% restocking fee plus actual shipping cost from any refund given for a returned item.   We reserve the right to exercise this option, though in many cases we likely will not.  We do the best we can to stand behind the quality of the stones we cut and sell, and after nearly ten years of selling stones online, it saddens us to have to cover ourselves a little by implementing this new policy. 

We cannot guarantee that people can afford to spend money on gemstones and do not offer a buyer's remorse warranty with a 100% refund.   If you are not happy with a stone you get from us for what we feel is a legitimate reason, then we also reserve the right to waive this new policy and issue a full refund.  :-)



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